comparison of media sources

The two news sources I chose, were the BBC and Al-Jazeera. The two decided to focus on different things in the articles I chose to work with. The BBC article focuses mostly on the shooting in itself, and the fact that this should never happen again. Al-Jazeera, on the other hand, chose to focus on the fact that companies are dropping discounts for NRA members and that arming teachers will not help.


The language of the articles is rather simple. BBC has the most proper language of the two, but there was not a huge difference in terms of language. Both of the articles have political views shining through. BBC wants America to change, while Al-Jazeera focuses mostly on the fact that organizations like the NRA should not have as much power as they have.


I think there is a difference between the two because they are appealing to two different groups of people. BBC is a British newspaper, while Al-Jazeera is appealing to the Arabic population of the world.


The two are basically reporting the same, with the same agenda. But BBC is more neutral than the Al-Jazeera. This might be because Trump has important business in the Arabic states, which makes it more beneficial for them to be more pro-Trump than a British (mostly) neutral newspaper.





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