Abortion on social media

I chose to look at the topic abortion. The conservative posts were mostly about the dangers and problems connected to abortion. Some also called abortion as a sin worse than killing innocent school kids. The liberal posts were mostly about the fact that abortion is an important part of women’s freedom and the right to their own bodies.


I felt that some of the conservative posts were promoting dangerous thoughts and ideas. One post was saying that the children demonstrating against school shootings were stupid and second-class citizens. While the real problem in society was abortion that killed more people each year than school shootings.


I think we should be able to post what we want on social media, but we should be able and willing to take the consequences of our actions.


The strongest argument on the pro-life side is that babies are human beings just like any other person. This is a very strong argument, but I do not think it is strong enough. A female should have the opportunity to decide on matters surrounding her own body.


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