My personal statement

Whenever someone ask me where I see myself in 10 years, I always freeze. What am I going to do with my life? Who shall I become?


I have always had many and varied hobbies and interests. I love walking around alone with my camera and some good music on my ears. But also getting my ass kicked 4m below the water surface while playing underwater rugby. Growing up in a small city on the west coast of Norway, dominated by the “jantelov” and standards set by society, I have always been criticized for dreaming too big and different. For me, going in my own direction is not a challenge, it is a necessity.


I have always had a burning fire inside of me, but I am not jet sure where to direct it. We have a limited amount of time to spend on this planet and I do not want to waste mine. I want to make a difference and to leave this world as a better place than when I arrived. I want my voice to be heard and to have the ability to change my surroundings for the better.


Eventually, I will figure out what I am burning for and which values are most important for me. Life is going to take me on an exciting journey that will form it’s path as time goes by.




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