American history X

I feel a bit shocked right after watching the film. The film evoked emotions of shock and disgust. I think these feelings came from the rough parts of the film and all the hatred that was portrayed. Honestly, it did not evoke any personal experiences because I have never experiences something similar to the things portrayed in the film.


I think the film says that racism is still a problem in the US and that it is a problem. The racism is different because it is not as widespread now as it was before. The racism we see today is mostly occurring in smaller groups within the society, it is now commonly accepted with racism today.


I think white people have more access to power and privilege in the US today because the power is still conserved within some privileged groups within the society that mostly inhabits white people. I think these programs are a good place to start, but they are no enough. If we are going to end racism, we need to change attitude within the society. I think I could relate to the fact that they are trying to make things work even though things aren’t always the way they should.


Women, gay people, poor people and people with disabilities was not mentioned in the film in a particular way other than usual. People of color were seen as a problem and worth less than other people in this movie.


I do absolutely know people with racist views. When I hear racist remarks I often try to comment on it, but most of the time I do not. What I do varies with which context I am in and if the racist people are outnumbering me. There are organized hate groups in my community, but they are not very visible. The community dislikes these groups, but most of the time they do not notice them so they cannot respond to them.


I think we could end racism in the US, but it will take some time. Racism is sadly a huge part of the US history so change will not happen overnight. I think we could end it by changing the attitudes towards racism in the US.


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