Hills Like White Elephants

The text “The sea change” was written by Ernest Hemmingway in August 1927. It was first published in a literary magazine named transition, and later in the short story collection, men without women.[1]


The story is set somewhere in Spain, between Barcelona and Madrid. The content of the story is a man and a girl, presumably in a romantic relationship, arguing about having an abortion or not.


Relationships, abortion and love are the most dominant themes in this short story. The story shows us a relationship where the man is clearly the most dominant, and how it must have been for a young woman to live in such a relationship in the 1920s. These themes were not usual for the society to assess. When authors like Hemingway decided to shed light on such a theme, he made it more visible for the rest of the society. Hemingway was a modernist author that wrote texts that discussed important and not talked about issues in the society.


I would like to be working with this subject with having group discussions.

[1] (Wikipedia, 2018)


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